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Well, shoot. It appears as though Chuck Palahniuk will be appearing at Cody's tonight at 7:30. I have class until 4:35, and I have to finish the final edit of my law review application and write a personal statement about how I'll contribute to the diversity of Law Review (I assume that "I have two half-Mexican half-siblings" won't be an effective thesis). Both are due tomorrow.

So the question now is do I (a) forget about Chuck and stay and finish my crap, (b) go and visit Chuck without getting an autograph, (c) go and buy a copy of Choke, which I haven't read, and have him autograph it, or (d) drive to Alameda, pick up my copy of Survivor, (my favorite Chuck book and one of my favorite books in general) and return to have Chuck sign it?

Any suggestions? (Either on the personal statement or the Chuck dilemma.)


I would say you should take five minutes to walk into Cody's, punch Chuck, scream at him to take it like a real man, dis his brooks brothers commercial sellout tie, and leave, but I bet everyone does that.

People were going to dress as Santa Claus at the SF appearance, for reasons unknown to me. Choke is good, especially if you like anal beads.

I think it would be good if you got him to sign a book that wasn't his, like Everything Is Illuminated or even It Was On Fire When I Lay Down On It, or maybe wasn't even a book at all, like an IKEA catalogue or a packet about stock options for Starbucks employees.

Go see chuck, get there early have him sign your choke book that you will buy. If you get there early he will sign before the reading. Listen to his FUCKED up story he will tell, trust me its worth it. Then go back and do your other stuff. Then write him a letter and mail him survivor and he will write you back and send you a package and sign your book.

Everyone congratulate Matt... his write-ons are over today!

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