Infringement Theater

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My Sony Vaio has crapped out on me for the third time, once again crippling my ability to scan, color, and post shiny new strips. Fortunately I had this old thing lying around from back when I was worred about potential employers frowning upon photographic copyright infringement. I don't think I ever posted this thing, but if I did I apologize for the redundancy.

But wait! You ask. Um, say. You say. Wait! Didn't you uproot yourself and jackass all the way up the coast to start at a new school and live in a new city so you could be with your wonderful fiancee? And doesn't she have a laptop of her very own? Surely you can use her computer for such things!

That certainly was the plan, until about noon today when our cable modem stopped working. Sony and Comcast are conspiring against the furtherment of I Fought the Law, and this cowboy isn't going down without a fight.

And also, the network drive here on campus is down so I can't get to my resume. That's no good. No good at all. If I were about 3,000 miles to my right I might blame all this on some kind of weather pattern but out here all we have is the 90 degree heat and the technically incompetent consumer-level electronics providers. I wonder how things are going in Minnesota.

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After telling Matt on the phone that our cable modem was broken and we'd have to wait around all day for a repairman to get it fixed, stupid lying Comcast calls me this morning to tell me everything's back online after a problem on Sunday. GRRRR!!!!

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