The Unbearable Terribleness of It All


A few things.

First off, yes, CompUSA continues to broadcast their relentless incompetence. Or at least I continue to broadcast it for them. When I brought the laptop back after they broke it the guy at the repair desk lied and said he'd send it out the next day. Over a week later I called to check the status and learned that it had been sent out the previous day. Yesterday (almost two weeks after I dropped it off) we got a call that they had diagnosed the problem and needed to wait for the part. ETA: "How the fuck should I know? I'm just a CompUSA employee with an impenetrable cloud of ignorance following me around wherever I go."

This talk of liars and incompetence brings me to the second target of this week's ire. During orientation we filthy transfers were given voter registration forms. I specifically asked if the form would register me in time to vote for Larry Flint in the October 7th election, and was met with an affirmative response. Well, October 7th rolls around, nothing has come in the mail, and the pollworkers down at First Presbyterian have never heard of me. I filled out a provisional ballot that never had any hope of being counted and headed to campus, where I spoke with another transfer who had also been un-voted. I fired off an e-mail to the Dean of Students and asked her what was what, and this morning someone from the Boalt Hall Students Association e-mailed me with his deepest apologies about not ever bothering to send in the fucking voter registration forms, but assuring me that my in-state status would be unaffected. In-state status? I've lived in California all my life. How about my Constitutional fucking rights, you lazy idiot? What, were you too busy deciding how much to charge for those OCI lockers? That seems to be the only thing the BHSA has accomplished so far this year, apart from disenfranchising dozens of transfers and 1Ls.

But, on the lighter side, Arnold Schwarzenegger's signature is going to be on my law school diploma. So I've got that going for me.


I love being treated like an idiot/criminal by technical support tools when I have the gall to ask when I can expect my $2000 piece of machinery to be returned to me in working order. How dare I?

I realized that the other day, too... that the Terminator's signature is going to be on my diploma. Other people at school are upset about it, but I'm just amused... this *is* such a moment in American history and I'm glad that I'm going to get such a ridiculous and someone ironic souvenir of it... that, and I'm sure he'll get recalled before May 2006.

At least something good will come of it....

On the subject of laptops, I had a good experience with Bedford Micro. They definitely wouldn't job you like CompUSA. I don't think I would feel comfortable spending more than $20 at CompUSA.

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