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Top Ten Topics on This Evening's O'Reilly Factor

10. Are liberals to blame for the California fires?
9. Are liberals doing enough to protect our children?
8. Are liberals doing enough to protect our children from the California fires?
7. Are the California fires doing enough to protect the liberals from our children?
6. Why do secularists hate America so much that they're not protecting liberals from California's fire children?
5. Secularists fire liberals for children who hate America Western Europe?
4. Mel Gibson (The Personal Story Segment Tonight)
3. Al Franken's lies about Bill O'Reilly protecting NPR from the liberal children
2. Viewer mail
1. Handjobs


I've got a web page for you guys to look at...


Well that's just a shamelessly partisan attack. Clearly you must hate America and love the terrorists. I think Bill O'Riely said it best when he instructed everyone who has ever, in their heart, contemplated disagreeing with him when he said, "SHUT UP!".

Can you go into detail about the handjobs?

You won't believe the new USPS stamp. EID First Commerative First Class Stamp! Where have all the patriots gone?

they made a stamp about emergent infectious diseases?

I think Sivits should get a medal. His comrades, and fellow Americans, were tortured, killed and dismembered by animal Iraqis. In this coultry, we leash our animals. Its the law. So, what's the problem here?

kristina, get over here.

er...that was "get over here and do your thing." that was clear, right?

i should have known posting about bill o'reilly would attract the right-wing wackos. because bill o'reilly is a right-wing wacko, and a filthy liar at that.

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