John and Kobe Are Friends


Happy Halloween! Somewhat early. But if I were in charge Halloween would be every day. That's right, if I were in charge a lot of things would be extremely terrible.

The John of John and Kobe is the guy I mentioned here. I'm hoping that more and more high-profile sexual disasters will pop up every now and then so we can start ourselves a veritable Rotary Club of fingerbangings and backdoor deliveries.

In other news, I had my bachelor party over the weekend, and accordingly I'm not drinking again until the wedding. The wedding of my first grandchild.


Ah, you've incorporated by reference my hatred for the Upper Peninsula, and Judge Dredd. Good work.

Man just you wait Matt- It will be my mission to get you wasted on your wedding.

I knew there was a reason you weren't invited!

let me just say thati didn't realize it was domestic violence awareness week when i posted this strip. and anyone who starts talking about superbowl sunday or the rule of thumb is going to get an earful.

Rule of thumb!

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