I Made This


I've been inspired, or perhaps uninspired, to put together a procrastilicious quiz. In questionable inspiration came from a better quiz posted elsewhere.

Early reaction to my quiz has been nothing short of devastating.

UPDATE: not content with merely putting down my quiz, Molly has taken it upon herself to best me several times over.


Nonjudiciable isn't a word.

it is now.

Amazingly, your quiz returned a pretty accurate or at least appropriate result for me. I am the 18th Amendment! I forbid boozing in and around my premises!

Of course, Jacob was the 18th Amendment too. You didn't just create a quiz that gives everyone the same answer, did you?

i was the constituition. it called me oldskool.

i'm the fourteenth amendment, which is disturbing since i had myself pegged as more of a bill of rights kind of guy. i'm also the fat irish detective (max greevey), from the first season of law & order, which is much more accurate.

so, to recap, meli's quiz is (1) funnier, (2) more elaborate, and (3) more accurate. damn.

I'm the bill of rights and the black cop with a gambling problem. That is the first time I have ever said that.

I'm the Bill of Rights: A staple of American Constitutional adjudication. Thanks for the compliment, Mat, you've really brightened my cloudy day of CivPro reading (Rules 59-61).

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