A Little Less Conversation, A Little More Auction


UPDATE: Drew a strip about it, like to see it here it is.

This evening was the Berkeley Law Foundation Auction Extravaganza, which was attended by me and hundreds of other law students and their hundreds of other significant others. The most striking thing about this particular event was the broad spectrum of dress-upedness of the attendees. There were tuxedos, there were jeans, there were the sluttiest of dresses and the cutest of dresses, there were a handful of people in bondage gear, one guy dressed as a clown and another guy in a business suit and a cowboy hat. Me, I looked smart in my navy-blue-faded-to-dark-purple sport jacket, which has now seen three social events since I bought it in college (the other two being my aunt's wedding and my half-a-sister's quincenyera, where it wasn't even worn by me).

My favorite items were the "Crisp Ten Dollar Bill" and a day with a blind man's seeing eye dog. I'm not sure how the dog feels about being whored out like that but it's a neat idea. Other items of interest were two limited edition Supreme Court bobble heads (Kennedy and Rehnquist), your name used in a hypo in a forthcoming Civil Procedure Textbook, a set of Pabst Blue Ribbon merchandise, and a day at the races with my First Amendment professor. I bid $25 on this last item at silent auction and was immediately thwarted by a $100 bid by Rick Young, who was pretty much going around ruining everybody's evening.

The only other item I was really interested in was a Night Out For Five, which consisted of five tickets to the Punchline Comedy Club and five pints of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. The listed value was $40. The ice cream alone is worth $20 and Punchline tickets last I checked were like $10 each, so this was a deal indeed. I wrote in the first bid at $20 and by the end I had been nickel and dimed up to $38. I had decided not to bid more than $40 despite my own estimate of $70, since I was afraid that with a listed value like that the tickets would end up being for amateur night or something. Anyway, about three minutes before the auction closed someone bid $45 and I walked the fuck out the door.

I think I probably won the $10 German lesson, however, which should prove at least marginally useful for the portion of our honeymoon slated to take place in Germany. I hear they speak German there.


They speak very good English as well... If you want something fun to do around hamburg hit the subways and head to Reeperbahn exit. I had alot offun there when I was 15.

Somehow, "honeymoon" and "fun paul had when we had 15" don't go together in my brain.

I don't want to know, I don't want to KNOW what Paul got up to in Hamburg at the tender age of 15!

I was good. I swear! How much trouble do you think I can get myself into? at 15 too.

i may have mentioned this before, and i'm not by any means complaining, but i find it fascinating that so often the comment stream will pick up on a small sidenote rather than the meat and potatoes of the blog entry. the same thing happened in my anti-jewel entry and seems to happen a lot. do other bloggers notice this? speak up, cement whores.

you know, cement-whore is mine. i'm glad it caught on, but i would prefer that you all follow it with a (tm).

in other words, yes, holohan.

i'll be learning about trademarks this week in my IP class. i'll let you know if you're entitled to any protection.

incidentally, from what i already know, notice is required for trademark enforcement. so you need to put a (tm) next to the cement whore thing on your page before you can come over here and burdening me with your demands.

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