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Michael Jackson is being represented in his boy fondling charges by none other than Mark Geragos. If that name sounds familiar it's because Mr. Garagos will be splitting his time between this and another high-profile (read media frenzy) case as he represents Scott Peterson in his murder trial. Garagos was also Winona Ryder's lawyer in her shoplifting case.

Gloria Allred, another attorney who can't get enough of the spotlight, appeared on the news last night in the midst of the collective media pants-creaming over Michael Jackson's latest legal troubles to talk about how she tried to get his kids taken away after the whole baby dangling incident a few months ago. I'm not sure what she was hoping to gain by bringing up a set of charges she filed that didn't go anywhere, other than precious, precious, media exposure. My prediction is that Allred will end up representing the child accusing Jackson. For free.

And, if Gloria Allred's name sounds familiar, it's because she's also representing Amber Frey, Scott Peterson's other woman, in whatever legal issues she may have surrounding Peterson's trial. So once again Geragos and Allred find each other on opposite sides of a criminal defendant, albeit less formally (for now) in the Jackson case. Both attorneys went to Loyola University Law School, and both went to college in Pennsylvania. Coincidence? Perhaps.

It's interesting to look at the roles taken on by people like Geragos and Allred in high profile criminal case. Geragos, the defense attorney, gets to be the center of attention, while Allred has to scramble around for peripheral people to represent or other ways to get herself on the business end of a microphone. The prosecutors, meanwhile, are inevitably characterized as nameless yokels, with the emphasis either on their over-eagerness to land a big fish celebrity or their inability to compete against flashy big-city lawyers like Geragos. After watching the drastically incompetent performances of nitwits like Moira Lasch (William Kennedy Smith) and Marcia Clark (O.J.), it might be nice if the Santa Barbara or Modesto D.A.s would deputize Allreg as co-counsel. Seeing Allred and Geragos go head to head may actually make the round-the-clock trial coverage worthwhile. Just a suggestion.


Well, I didn't comment before, but seeing as no one else has, I just wanted to point out that your predicions proved accurate, as has reported that Allreg is getting involved by saying Jacko's kids should be taken away.

God, allreg needs a new fashion sense. I saw her on TV wit ha sailor outfit on. Too me she looks like she would fit in well in Nazi Germany.

I'm sorry, "Nazi Germany"? I'm confused, Paul. Are you positing that bad fashion was characteristic of Nazis, or that Allred is a poorly dressed nazi?

Allred is a very well dressed Nazi I guess you can say. If you look some much detail goes into those outfits it borders on very weird. Who the hell wears sailor outfits anymore???

My elementary school uniform included a sailor shirt with the wrap around tie until in 3rd grade one of my classmates nearly hung herself with it on the monkey bars. Then we reverted back to the trusty polo shirt.

again. hmm... michael jackson, l.a. lawyers, privatization of d.a.'s, i know! let's talk about sailor suits!

I can't relate. all the commentary on my weblog puts the focus squarely on Regulating, where it belongs.

Gloria Allred will eventually represent Kobe Bryant's victim when he goes to trial in Colorado. She has clashed with Roy Black in the Marv Albert trial, represented parties in the O.J. Simpson, Michael Jackson and Scott Peterson trials.

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