We just adopted Ruby (top) and her brother Pepe. Ruby adjusted right away but Pepe has spent most of his time so far hiding under the bed (see picture). We can lure him out with the feather on a stick but once playtime is over he inevitably slinks back to the shadows from whence he came. The name Pepe came from a burst on anti-creativity: he looks like a skunk. After getting to know him I think that Sam the Eagle is a more fitting cartoon namesake. But his tag is already engraved, so I'm pretty much stuck. Ruby is named after a cat that we saw in Santa Monica that we couldn't adopt, who was also grey and white. But when people ask why we named her Ruby the official answer is "Because she has green eyes."

Although Ruby has adjusted famously to life with the Holohans she does have the peculiar habit of grabbing a mouthful of fur and suckling when she's purring. If Pepe is nearby she'll suck on him, which he doesn't seem to enjoy. Even his cat brain realizes how weird it his and he sees fit to disapprove (see Sam's second hobby). I'm thinking of it as a pacifier stage and hoping she'll grow out of it (they're about six months old).


Bella is three years old and still sucks on her paws when she gets in "the petting zone".

Bella's my cat, by the way.

Yes, but I think Bella's age is something of a red herring. She attacks people for taking away things that she was busy ignoring, and screams at them for picking her up. Sounds like someone who should still be in a pacifier stage to me.

I'm glad you've already started a family. Pepe is a great name.

My kitty did the suckling thing as well, for his whole life as far as I know (until the catnapping, I mean). Ruby may not grow out of it, but hell, there's worse habits a cat could have I suppose.

They are both adorable, by the way. Congrats.

So cute!

Give them hugs for me, since my hubby is allergic to kitties and I will likely never get to have one of my own......

I love how many more people commented on your cat adoption than your wedding.

you had a wedding?

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