Shameless Plea for Help


Meli and I would like to make DVD copies of our wedding video without grabbing a table for one of the Bay Area's many video duplication profiteers. If anyone has a DVD burner that they'd be willing to put to use, we'd greatly appreciate it. We'll even give you a copy.


is me, I'll check at work on Monday.


hello there, stumbled across your blog awhile back - followed a link on about your software-returning adventure. anyway, i copy tapes for a living (though not DVDs), and should you be unable to find someone to lend you equipment, here's some cheap bay-area options:
you'll have two expenses, encoding (transferring videotape to DVD) and duplication (making more DVDs). encoding is really expensive - usually at least $100, more if you've got an hour+ of footage. duping is usually relatively cheap. there's a place called videocat that can encode pretty cheaply with no bells & whistles (though they're a little sketchy; get a quote beforehand and triple-check the bill) - but they don't do high-volume dupes. there's a brand new place called digital revolution that looks good & cheap, though i haven't ever used them. and the best of the budget dub houses is dub express; they'll do a great job and may offer you a volume discount. tell them matt from PRN recommended you.
oh, look at me babble. i could go on all day about video dubbing. anyway, hope that info's helpful.

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