I Don't Want to Be a Supreme Court Justice


Becuase apparently a Supreme Court Justice can't do a simple thing like hunt ducks with the Vice President when the Vice President has a case before the Supreme Court without people getting all uppity about your ethics. And me, I want to go duck hunting with as many Vice Presidents as possible.

The question remains, what if Scalia went over to Cheney's house to play Duck Hunt? And what if they put their heads together and figured out how the light gun works? And then had some pie?


At least only the ideals of justice and ethics in the nation's highest court are dying, not innocent Louisiana fowl:

"It was terrible," Naquin said. "There were very few ducks killed."

So they can't even shoot straight? I can't believe people still duck hunt. At least do it with a stick. That is hunting. When I went fishing one of the guys jumped into the water with a spear gun and got a tuna. That's sporting.

And will we be seeing you on the next season of Survivor, Paul?

if scalia and cheney weren't such dirty rats, no one would mind.

I'm surprised the ducks didn't come down there and kick their everloving asses.

paul - why is shooting a stick out of a gun any better than shooting a bullet out of a gun?

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