Double Felix


[Conversation about my Entertainment Law class.]

Meli: What about Felix?

Matt: What?

Meli: Felix. You know, Felix.

Matt: I don't know what you're talking about.

Meli: Oh, nevermind.

. . .

Matt: Oh, Felix! I'm sorry, I was confused. There's a guy named Felix in my trial class, too.

. . .

Meli: So you know two Felixes?

Matt: I think it's "Felices."

On a related note, I think my brother is the only person in the country who knows two people with my wife's first name.


Shit, she doesn't even show up on the census list. That's uncommon.

Search census for Melisande

Shit! And I totally filled out the Census short form! How can the government just deny my existance like that?

shit, y'all. does every comment on this post have to start with shit? jeez.

shit, i think so.

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