Hella Gay


I couldn't decide what kind of cartoon to draw for the whole gay marriage jive happening across the bay, so I drew two. The official version marks and attack of the continuity monster. The Boalt Briefs version is a little more editoons-esque. I hope you enjoy one or both of them.

While I'm offending people, I'll also mention that my friend Lydia brought me back a Yorkie candy bar from England, and I ate it this morning, and it was delicious. The Yorkie is a product of Nestle. It's a solid chocolate bar, separated into very large chunks. The wrapper contains the slogans "It's NOT for girls!" and "Don't feed the birds!" The "O" in Yorkie is a stylized women's restroom symbol with a ghostbusters thing through it.


First one: hella funny
Second one: I'd like to see the standard of proof for that one.

Jesus Christ man. Don't let Julie know that you can marry Nachos! She's my sugar momma and if she leaves me for a plate of 'chos I'll sue your ass for alienation of affection...

relax. i didn't say anything about marrying "irish nachos," which are your lady's weapon of choice if memory serves me.

Are you a Scorpio by any chance?


i'm a sucker for any kind of nachos.....

i didn't even think about the possibility of marriage...

"till death do us part...CHOMP!"

actually, i am a scorpio. fancy that.

another michele? in addition to me or another michele?

That would be in addition to you. Same spelling, different person.

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