Revenge of the Worst Lawyer in the History of the Future


Here's this week's strip. Some might think that I'm ripping off a joke from The Simpsons ("I'm not wearing a tie!"), but the more dedicated TV geek will realize that the Simpsons writers and I have simply drawn from the same parody pool. Both jokes refer to an episode of L.A. Law where Harry Hamlin pulls this on a witness he's cross examining. When Harry does it it's obviously more dramatic. And, you know, handsome.

I think I was inspired to revisit my future in litigation after a few particularly good weeks in my trial class. Now that I've more or less conquered the initial performance anxiety I've been trying to find creative ways to conduct the assignments, which has made the whole process more fun. I may have hit a limit last week when I subjected individual jurors to leering, sexualized comments during my closing argument, but damned if I didn't have fun doing it. Having Molly play my sexual harassment plaintiff was also good times. She gave an outstanding performance, and a four-hour class is somehow more tolerable when your wife is across the room.

Before I gush any further we'll see what the rest of the semester brings. I get the feeling things are about to get much more intense.


I lurv you, Matt!

And to those who missed out (which is all of you), I really, HONESTLY thought that Matt was one of the 2 best in the class at examining the witness and then giving closing statements. Not only did he stick to the assignment (which was a challenge for some others), but he did it in a creative and convincing way. I was very proud of him. Well, I still am!

Good for you Matt. Yo ushould take that other guy who was just as good as you in your class and beat the shit out of him. Or if you would like for a modest fee I'll make a deal with God to drop a trash can on him.

Um, excuse me Mr. Chauvenist: it was a WOMAN!

Come on Meli it's me Paul. Any time anyone does anything worth talking about it has to be a man. I mean were living in the 21st century. he he he, I kid I kid. Well the fee will be lowered because it's a woman.

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