A Brief Lesson in Comparative Geometry


It's the first day back from Spring Break, and I'm in a bit of a mood. Specifically, I've decided to finally speak out on a topic that's been bothering me for several months now. In fact, as you can see, it more than bothers me.

Yes, every time I sit down at one of the hopelessly inefficient computers in one of the three Boalt Hall library computer labs, I have to rotate the mouse pad 90 degrees. I don't know who's responsible for this. Maybe it's the cleaning crew, maybe they don't own computers and can't comprehend the correlation between "thing you move the mouse on" and "thing that the mouse moves moves around on," and think that the vertical orientation is best in terms of space saving. Maybe everyone else on campus only moves the mouse cursor in very narrow, vertical paths. Whoever the collective culprit, I'd like to think that I can somehow shame people into arranging mouse pads the way God intended it.

Also, I've temporarily replaced the index page with a shameless self-promotion for my current political aspirations. You'll note that I've cleverly used bold for emphasis. I'm smart like that.

Next week: Why you shouldn't lower the goddamn swivel chairs all the way the hell down.


Me: It's kind of elitist to assume that the cleaning people wouldn't have computers.

Matt: No, I'm not elitist: I said "maybe" they don't have computers.

Meli: It's still kind of elitist.

Matt: I'm in law school. I'm supposed to be elitist.

Meli: Sigh...

You know, I never really thought about the mouse pad thing until I read your comic.
"That's interesting," I thought to myself, "I never realized that. Too bad my laptop has that ridiculous fucking touchpad that never works and usually makes me want to throw the whole machine at the wall."

I then looked down at the mousepad of the household computer I was using, hung my head in shame, and rotated it 90 degrees so it was facing the correct way.

I shall be on the lookout to see if it returns to the less-efficient position anytime soon. If so, we may have some kind of epidemic on our hands.

*I* did it. Really. Boalt mousepads used to match up with the monitors. But I don't like them that way. Oh no. You see, I kept running out of vertical mouse pad, but always had excess horizontal mouse pad. So I started rotating them. And even now that I've graduated, my evil has become institutionalized. Oh yes. The paradigm has been subverted. By me. >:)

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