Water Law Poetry Contest


The Creative Law Society, otherwise known as the Uselessest Student Group in the World, is conducting a poetry contest. The subject: water law. Apparently it's part of some visit by some Justice of some Supreme Court of Colorado, who's going to talk about, well, water law.

Anyway, here are my entries to the poetry contest. As of Wednesday I was the only submission. The first is a haiku, and the second one is a sonnet.

The law of water.
Don't pee in the reservoir.
Use a tree instead.

There once was a sensible otter
Who wrote all the laws about water.
He made it illegal
To murder a seagull
Unless you make out with his daughter.


Uh, not a sonnet.

I'd have to agree with the Gypsy here.
That's a limerick for sure.

Thank goodness the subject of the contest is not: naming types of poetry. I doubt you'd win that one.
But since it's not, those are quite good.

To get to the ocean
Just follow the stream.
"All water runs downhill,"
Said Mr. Jim Beam.

"I'll inebriate you
and fill up your bladder.
It'll all end up downhill,
so it doesn't matter.

"Dirt down from the mountains,
Fish spawned in the lakes:
9.8 meters per second squared
is all that it takes.

"The rain from the clouds
even speeds towards the seas.
You don't have a say in it
so do as you please.

"Legalese demands it.
The flow must go south.
Don't fight the currents.
Just head towards the mouth.

"Only one breed took it backwards, I tell you what I saw:
Every year the damn salmon were the ones who fought the law."

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