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Here's a new strip. Yes, Boalt has been excommunicated the Popular Kids Club. The news came out about a week and a half ago and a dark cloud has been hanging over the campus ever since.

Our interim fearless leader, Bob Berring, insists that the three-position drop is due to resource-based paramaters, specifically the nut-punching that the UC system has taken due to California's floundering economy. That might be a fine theory were it not for the fact that UCLA Law went exactly nowhere in the rankings, holding steady at 16. I'll be sure to wave at all my former classmates as we pass them on the way down. In any case, all faith has been placed in our new fearless leader, Harvard transplant and Dean Designate Christopher "Bert" Edley, who came very close to being the first Black dean of a top ten law school. I guess Edley's Bad News Bears attitude toward his new job is now more fitting than ever.

Which brings me to my theory as to the real reason for Boalt's de-throning: Racism at U.S. News. The sex scandals, the fee hikes, the awful facilities, the dwindling faculty, all that they can handle, but you try and stick a Black dean into their top ten schools and it's hello Top Fifteen. I'm on to you, Mort Zuckerman.

But all things considered I think Boalt's future looks bright. Especially now that Stanford has taken than pesky Mark Lemley off our hands. Maybe we can replace him with Dan "Lemley with a Beard" Burk.

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Losing Lemley to Stanfurd??? Ouch...

(Just hope that Eric Goldstein doesn't come back from whatever frozen wasteland he got exiled to.)

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