Feliz Cinco de Mayo, amigos.

I'd like to spend the day tomorrow getting drunk on colorful margaritas and eating my weight in nachos, but I'll probably be celebrating Mexico's freedom by studying for Legal Ethics. Maybe I'll swing by the I-House for a nacho lunch, but I doubt there'll be beer involved. But I will get buzzed for the Legal Ethics final. There's just no other way to fly.


Mexican Independence Day is September 16th. Please respect my heritage, by which I mean other people's heritage.

Are Ellen's breasts getting bigger?

I'm about to leave my house for my civ pro final. After 4 straight days of studying and 4 hours of sleep w/ dreams devoted exclusively to reorganizing my outline. Then I'm going to the A's-Yankee's game and gettting really drunk on overpriced beer. Now, that's freedom.

i had a lot of trouble drawing this for some reason. drawing ellen has always been awkward. it always takes me several tries to get her hair right, and the breast size is inconsistent. i always try to do that part quickly because it makes me feel dirty.

the more glaring error is that i used a darker shade of pink for her shirt in the first frame. you never notice this shit until it's posted. damn my eyes.

Yeah... boo on the Mexican Independence Day ignorance, but yay! for another jab at the drunken Irish!

the drawer is not the drawing, folks. ellen is ignorant as to the true meaning of cinco de mayo. that doesn't necessarily mean i am. i deflect all of your criticisms.

Cinco de Mayo is Mexican-Independence-from-France Day, an event with nearly as much historical significance and relevance as St. Patrick's tireless efforts to drive the snakes out of Ireland, along with the fossil records of snakes, and any reference to snakes in Irish literature or folklore.

I was thinking that Ellen's right breast looked a little saggy in the last frame. Did she forget to inflate?

And re: St. Patrick's evacuation of Ireland's "snakes:" "Snakes" are clearly a metaphor, here, for "Protestants." Hence all the nastiness.

For serious, yo.

May 5th is when the dastardly French encircled the Mexicans with cannon and proceeded to blow the brie out of each other when all the clever Mexicans ducked simultaneously.

Stupid French.

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