A Shadowy Flight


On the radio this morning they were talking about the upcoming Knight Rider movie, which David Hasselhoff is apparently producing. Which of the following pre-production antics do you find the most disturbing?

1. The purported casting of Ben Affleck as the main character (note: Internet sources say it's actually Ashton Kutcher).

2. The fact that Hasselhoff is reportedly having a tough time convincing the fucking studio to include a talking car in the movie.

What the hell is Knight Rider without the damn car? Without an artificially intelligent Trans-Am, Michael Knight is just another run-of-the-mill young loner on a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent, the helpless, the powerless, in a world of criminals who operate above the law. How is he supposed to do that without Mr. Feeny?

It'll also be interesting to see whether the film includes KITT's evil twin, KARR. And whether they explain how KITT is able to drive onto the ramp of a moving truck.

In other news, I reported before that I want the world to end the day after my funeral. I came up with another morbid selfish thought: If I'm ever on death row, I'm going to request a peanut butter and jelly sandwich as my last meal.


I think if PB&J were to be my last meal, I would be very particular about the ingredients. While I am certian I have eaten more peanut butter and jelly than any other food, my last one would have to be pretty damn perfect. Potato bread, JIF or Skippy peanut butter, backberry jam, and some potato chips to stick in there for some of the bites.

Texan's Last Meals.

I can't decide which is worse:
"Two 16 oz. ribeyes, one lb. turkey breast (sliced thin), twelve strips of bacon, two large hamburgers with mayo, onion, and lettuce, two large baked potatoes with butter, sour cream, cheese, and chives, four slices of cheese or one-half pound of grated cheddar cheese, chef salad with blue cheese dressing, two ears of corn on the cob, one pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream, and four vanilla Cokes or Mr. Pibb"
"Heaping portion of lettuce, a sliced tomato, a sliced cucumber, four celery stalks, four sticks of American or Cheddar cheese, two bananas and two cold half pints of milk. Asked that all vegetables be washed prior to serving. Also asked that the cheese sticks be clean."

I see NO PB&J, but lots of Nachos.

i wouldn't be particular about the dimensions of the PB&J, as long as there were enough peanut butter to kill me via anaphylaxis and leave all those smart-alecky prison officials with no one to stick their needles in.

Ahh... I forgot about your allergy... that makes your statement a whole lot less random than I originally percieved it.

Ditto. Where I previously thought it was merely a desire to be childish in one's last hours, now I understand that it is... a desire to be childish in one's last hours by thwarting the justice system and making a mockery of its intended penalty.

Damn you and your convenient allergies to common and apparently innocuous food substances. Could there be anything more convenient, with fewer downsides, in all the world?

I've had long talks with my mother, who is seriously allergic to shellfish, on the realative merits of suicide via strong allergic reaction. Her argument: "You go out eating somthing you love." My rebuttal "Your last though is the world was built so that the things you love kill you." A morbid way to...uh..die.

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