Not Quite Ironic

I started jogging two weeks ago. I never jogged before, apart from the always-embarrassing mile runs in P.E. I started jogging for two reasons. First, I'm supposed to be exercising for general health reasons, just like everybody else, and using the gym at work has proven to be inconvenient. More immediately, I've been training for an upcoming law firm hike in Seattle that will make my much-bragged-about Nevada Falls excursion look like a trip to the fridge. For some cream puffs. Hmm... Hang on a minute.

The punchline is that in the process of training for this hike I seem to have injured my knee, which will render me unable to go on said hike. My knees have always been of questionable constitution, tending as they do to hyperextend and pop out of place. Up until now, however, they've never really hurt, but now the left one really, reeeeeeeeally hurts whenever I use it to go up or down. I suppose I should see a doctor about it, but who's got time when there are two law firms to impress and only thirteen short weeks to do it in? No, until school starts up again I suppose I'll take an "If it hurts don't do it" approach to my kneeular health and try to avoid stairs and inclines. Good thing I live on an island.

Also, in case anyone was wondering what they pay lawyers for, I just finished a 27-page memo on the meaning of the word "to."

And if you thought this post was boring, check this shit out.

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