I was surprised to receive the letter from the RNC referenced two posts ago, but after thinking about it I came to realize that the letter was probably part of a mass mailing timed to coincide with the arrival of the first summer job paychecks. For the record, I should state that while I've never registered as a Republican, I've never registered as a Democrat, either. I've always declined to register with a party, which is probably why the republicans are targeting me. We independents are going to be crucial in the outcome of the next election, especially independents in swing states like California.

In other news, Molly and I visited the Alameda County Fair today over to [sic] Pleasanton. Unlike the L.A. version we went to last year, we didn't get to see any llama obstacle courses. We did, however, see a terrified goat trying to escape from its pen, bleating in a most disturbing way. I don't know if it was just this particular goat, but the voice sounded distinctly human, as if a child had been turned into a goat and was desperately trying to alert people to the fact that he wasn't really a goat at all, and as he realized all he could do was make unintelligible goat noises he grew more and more frantic until he finally bit the other goat's testicles off. That last part didn't really happen, but sometimes when you're watching the Goat Kid Junior County Competition you have to let your imagination run around a little bit.

As always, Molly was drawn to the photo booths on the way out. I'm not jumping onto the CH beardwagon, I just decided to take a few days off from shaving, is all.



Your boss is Professor Bryant? http://www.fuzzydice.com/~holohan/20030428.html

Why is it [sic] Pleasanton?

Great photos!
I'm glad digiphotography hasn't killed the photochemical phun at the phair...

the [sic] refers to the use of "to" instead of "at" or "in." as in "he's over to the barn." since i was talking about the county fair i decided to hick up the language a little bit. if i was going to the county faire, i might have said "yonder pleasanton" or some such thing.

As you can probably see we weren't quite prepared for that first shot!

hey, you look great with a faux-beard. whatever you can do to cover up your face.

jeez, i've got one former classmate calling me uncreative and another one calling me ugly. why did i leave UCLA again?

oh, i'm just teasing. i really do think you look good with the facial hair. or maybe i just have to delude myself into thinking that i like hairy men so my marriage to the hairiest asian man ever won't seem so wretched.

we have to hang out!

Hey, I never said you were uncreative. Put me down for one of Emily's uglies though. So, to recap, that's zero uncreatives and two uglies. Hope that makes you feel better.

the first pic is the best. Very pensive. not enough variance in the others.

Years ago, I had a photo strip taken at those very fairgrounds. I was just in Pleasanton this weekend thinking about how lame the fair really is. Sorry I missed you.

Also, I think your strip would have benefited from a "Floridians for Nader" poster. You know, for balance.

I also strongly prefer the first shot. You both look good in caps. I like the log cabin madman look on Matt.

as meli indicated earlier, the first shot caught us off guard. we were still sitting down. but it's my favorite as well. probably because my face is obscured in shadow. when it came out of the thing i thought the first shot looked like a eugene levy/catherine o'hara album cover from "a mighty wind."

we're not the first ones to be caught off-guard by a photo booth, bee tee doubleyew:


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