My drawing pen has been resting for a while, but I've caught up with myself with three new strips for your viewing pleasure. They are:

L.A. Law, a strip that goes along with my previous entry about my trip to L.A. and the associated exciting sculpture viewing. It's also the first strip to suggest that Kam and I aren't the same person.

Mistreatisement, a study on the highly regarded but unfortunately named Chisum on Patents, which is a treatise that any summer associate working in IP Litigation is pretty much married to. Punnery inspired by co-worker Mike (of the Kansas Mikes).

With a Rag on a Stick, which shows the inevitable consequence of Krispy Kreme's new product line. Special thanks to JMV for the heads-up, and to Krispy Kreme for my newly accelerated death.

Hopefully future strips will appear in a more regular fashion (I cranked out these three on Friday night while Molly was off on a "girls' night"). But, as usual, I promise you nothing. And I deliver!


Great- now your fans will be clamoring for me to be out of the house more often so that your creative juices can flow.

"liquid doughnut"

that's just wrong

wrong, indeed...

but true.

by the way, i just checked and it turns out "with a rag on a stick" is my 100th strip. woo!

I prefer the implication that Kam might be you. Drawing a grotesque caricature of how you actually look is like if the Penny Arcade guys actually drew themselves as a stocky dork with a shaved head and a gawky, much younger nerd. It shatters the fantasy. Much more fun to believe they are cool-looking.

I like how faux-Matt's angular face stands in sharp contrast to all the other faces in the strip. It's neat.

Faux-Matt's forehead gave me nightmares

yeah, i was definitely going for exeter from "island earth." mission accomplished!

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