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Westlaw is down, a situation which is no doubt sending tidal waves of chaos throughout law firms across the country. We've been reduced to the tribal savagery of bound reporters which, while quaint, are profoundly unreliable. On Westlaw there's a little link with each case you look up that gives you a list of every subsequent case that cites the case you're looking at, so you can figure out if your case has been overturned or otherwise weakened. With the books you're pretty much on your own. Look for a citation to Plessy v. Ferguson in my next research memo.

I guess it's off to the Kingdom of Loathing.


Westlaw is SOOOOOO Lexis's bitch!

Man, you should read what this crazy fuck just wrote about a artical from july 29 2003 funniest shit Ive read in the past 4 years!

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