Body Lovin'


If the National Organization for Women continues to undervalue my talents, I may have to stop entering their stupid contests. That's right, folks. The Annual Love Your Body Day Poster Contest has once again slighted yours truly with a big fat rejection.

Oddly enough, this year's winner appears to be inspired by the cartoon medium, telling the humorous story of a multi-ethnic woman's body in comic strip form. Or perhaps it's a modified ad for sunblock, each segment of the body representing a different SPF. In any case, it's lame, and the NOW Foundation should be ashamed of itself.


i'd take the time to explain why i'm offended by this post, but i really don't know what the point would be, so i won't.

whoa I think that poster was fucking hilarious. I saw the good body and vagina monologues and loved them and your poster is brilliant.

Don't worry everyone - even Matt's offensive posters can't keep Eve Ensler's face off every train, bus, and MUNI station in San Francisco. She's even outlasted the cartoon genitals at Church Street station that urge you to get tested for syphillis.

There are some things I'm just not willing to take from men. Disrespect for hardworking feminist organizations (and I'm talking about NOW here, not Eve Ensler) is one of them.

There, I explained it. Perhaps it was worth the time after all.

I see your point. At the same time, though, I have a lot of respect for NOW and no respect for their poster idea. But disliking one idea of their organization doesn't mean I don't support them, right? I can't speak for Matt, though; everyone knows he is a sexist, stripper-obsessed boobophile.

yes, with the boobophilism.

i was going to explain how no person, organization, or other entity is immune from the irreverence of our nation's humorists, regardless of the goodness of their intentions, the hardness of their workings, or whether the irreverent humorist in question has a dangler, but, well, you know.

I'm so glad he hasn't yet responded on this thread. It's amazing how not saying anything at all demands respect.

Matt, I entreat you, just leave this thread alone. If you do you'll come out the winner.

I also really thought your poster was funny. I'm amazed at what a poor marketing job the eve ensler camp did with that grimacing face poster. Before seeing the poster like a billion times, I was totally open to seeing her show, but the poster alone has just sowered me irreperably.

oops. bummer, matt.

I admire the use of "" to bring variety to the tired "" construction.

yes, unfortunate simultaneous postings there. but that's all i had planned to say regardless.

I take responsibility for bringing Eve's latest opus to the forefront of Matt's attention by wanting to go with my friend. I also fully endorsed Matt's intention to go to a stripclub on the same evening. Unfortunately neither plan reached the lift-off stage.

I don't think feminism requires allegiance to NOW or any other organization. NOW shouldn't be the arbiter of what defines a strong woman. So get over it!

This poster made me so mad my vagina nearly exploded! Shame on you, Matt!

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