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In an effort to reconcile the advent of reality telivision with those of us who still enjoy scripted entertainment, Bravo is organizing a reality TV deal where people are invited to submit sitcom scripts. The show is called Situation: Comedy. The format seems to be that hundreds of thousands of would-be Hollywood types send their scripts to Bravo, the best five writers head to L.A. to "pitch" their shows, the best two get to develop 15-minute "presentations" (pilots, one hopes), then America votes, and the winner becomes David E. Kelly.

And so, I'm doing it. I'm taking this shit to the next level, people. I Fought the Law: The Sitcom, only with a different title, and different characters (rights issues). But the underlying premise -- Marginally humorous tales of law school misadventures that nobody will like -- will remain the same.

I already have the basic outline for the script, as well as some choice gags and dialogue. But what I really need is a fucking title. My alternate title for the strip itself was Ignorantia Legis, but somehow I don't think that would fly. There's always Young Attractive People Having Fun and Being Funny. Any ideas? Bastards?


Long arm of the law?

Law and Disorder?

Unlawful Behavior?

The non-lesbian L-word?

I am surprised it took you this long...
I let you know if I come up with any good titles...

Habeas Comedias!


Barely Legal

Cohorts in Torts

Professional Courtesy

If This Were England, We'd Be Spending A Whole Year Just Trying On Wigs! (this joke sampled from an original composition by Allen Haim)

somehow, i really like "sustained!"

Brown vs. Board of Entertainment
Young Sharks

This is all a moot point because every network executive in the world will pick "Barely Legal."

Matt, you have forgotten that I intend to be a lawyer as well, once USC or UCLA finally let me in.

I like Briefs and Barely Legal best. I suck.

Corrupted by Afterborns.

Prophylactic Rules.

Bushrod Washington Can't Lose.

Saved by the Bell: The Lawschool Years.

What's a But(t) For?

The Entrancing Saga of Pennoyer versus Neff.

Law and Ardor: Law School Sex Unit.

Corpus Juris Imprudence

Beyond Unreasonable Doubt

The Last Quarter

C is for Contracts, Thats Good Enough for Me

The Law Preview

Not Prepared

i vote for "Barely Legal" or "Sustained!", although great ideas all around, i am very impressed.

I wanted to do this, but I'm afraid I might be disqualified, having worked as an unpaid writers' assistant for a yet-to-air talk show for Trio, since Trio and Bravo are both owned by NBC Universal.

You have competition! >:O

So - no title suggestions from us, but may the best team win.

~ Gidge

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