More Transfer Student Screwage

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I'm going to go ahead and scrape CalStuff for this one rather than linking directly to the L.A. Times story, because I hate it when websites require you to register for free to look at their shit. If you feel like reading the whole article I suggesting using the old Mailinator.

Anyway, the point of this post is that I'm probably going to get screwed out of the reduced fees. You see, according to the article, "The judge's order applies only to those who enrolled in a professional degree program before 2003 and are still enrolled." In law school that would mean 3Ls like me. BUT, since I'm not in the same professional program now as I was in 2002, I (along with my fellow transfers) will probably still have to pay the increase.

This is particularly aggravating for UC to UC transfers like me, the one other guy in my class who transferred from UCLA, the gaggle of Hastings refugees, and the handful of Davis people. There are also UC to UC transfers at other schools as well.

But whatever. It's still cheaper than private schools.

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I too hate having to register to view free information. This website will make that chore less annoying. It provides already registered usernames and passwords for any major paper.

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