Searching for Some Disbelief That I Can Still Suspend

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All right, so here are a few things.

I'm fucking sick of olympic swimmers. I don't care about Phelps, the Thorpedo, van den Hoogenbottom, or the asshole who looks like Billy Zane. Enough with the fucking swimming.

I got an offer from Firm #2 to join up as a real lawyer after I finish law school, so that's pretty cool. Still no word from Firm #1.

I've tweaked my increasingly unwieldly links page yet again. I got tired of accidentally clicking on links to sites that have been abandoned, so they've all been moved to their own shameful corner at the bottom of the page. I've also added two new humor sites: Something Awful and Vice Magazine. My favorite sections are Photoshop Phriday in the former and Do's and Don'ts in the latter. SA's Brice Beckham Dot Net will make you laugh until your colon shoots out of your ass if ye be a person of any regard. In addition to being independently funny it's also a dead-on parody of the unreadable yet genuine Wil Wheaton Dot Net.

A few words on my choice of comedy links. I've made numerous good-faith efforts at getting into the more high-brow comedic stylings of Brunching or whatever that is and McSween(e) (a website so hip that the URL is impossible to remember, you know, to keep out the riff raff), but I'm ready to admit that what I really enjoy at four in the afternoon is a good "moustache ride" joke. Love me for what I am. And stay away from the new arrivals if you're easily offended.

So there's that. If I haven't linked you and you want a link, speak up.

1 Comment

watching phelps swim totally got me through the state of kansas on this cross-country trip.

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