Banal Fantasy


My apologies for being behind schedule with the strips. I've been playing role playing games.

My progression through the English language Nintendo Final Fantasy trilogy began after my much-kvetched about experience with Kingdom of Loathing. KoL left me with utter disdain for the game itself but nonetheless awoke my dormant affinity for RPGs. So, I started playing Final Fantasy I, hoping to get farther than I got in the sixth grade. I didn't get as far as I did in the sixth grade before throwing up my hands in despair and moving on to FF2, which held my interest until I got to the moon part, whereupon I threw my hands up once again and moved on to FF3. The third installment is holding my interest for the moment despite the fact that all the characters are the same and there's hardly any actual fighting. Lots of dialogue that probably sounded better in Japanese, though.


Let the record show that despite your much-touted disdain you are, in fact, still playing the damn game. Yup.

not so! meli has taken over tokamack, along with all rights, duties, lands, moneys, chattels, and holdings therewith.

It's true-- Gene knew that, but I guess it isn't common knowledge. I'm a huge fat dork. But I can make asbestos meat stacks like nobody's business!

I've only played FFX, which is much beloved, since apparently watching an interminable computer-animated feature broken up with occasional demands for you to push a button passes for an incredible game playing experience.

Wait till you get to some of the later ones (7 and 8, I think)
You play a main character guy who's all mentally damaged and stuff, and has all these neurosis issues. Kind of interesting, kind of annoying, after a while. Very nice cg animation sequences, however. :)

basically, a rpg starring woody allen?

I need occasional moogles to keep me focused on Final Fantasy games. The fight sequences bore me after awhile. It's all about 9...

The moon is about an hour or two from the end of Final Fantasy 2 (actually 4). Go to the palace, meet the old dude, back to earth, destroy the giant, back to the moon, final dungeon, kick boss ass, done. I still think it's the all-time best RPG.

I do like Final Fantasy X's story besides the, uh, two main characters. And blitzball. And bad voice acting that can't be turned off. Basically the gameplay was way better than the aggravating 8 and 9.

Matt, other high-quality emulatable RPGs you could try include Earthbound (SNES), which is about a little kid who fights aliens with yoyos, baseball bats, and his latent psychic powers. Also good is Chrono Trigger (SNES), with its sword-wielding frog and a dorky girl's unrequited love for a robot from the future. You could also try a fan translation of the Japanese-only Tales Of Phantasia (SNES), which has a by-the-numbers story but a battle system that plays sort of like Street Fighter.

i'm actually on chrono trigger now. i just reached the end of time. is it true there are twelve different endings?

Yeah, sort of. Once you beat the game, you can start a new game with your superstrong characters, and go to fight the last boss at any time. So on your second time through the game, you can see some pretty crazy endings. The super-elite "programmer's room" ending is achieved by beating the last boss with just Crono and Marle, while you're still walking around the fair.

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