My Estates & Trusts professor appears to subscribe to the Dan Melia method of instruction: Entertain students with amusing anecdotes that have little if anything to do with what they actually need to know for the class. I'm not sure, however, that my E&T professor has ever won the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions. Anyway, because the 2.5-hour lectures tend to be taken up by (1) these anecdotes, (2) thinly-veiled "hypothetical" questions from students about what's going to happen when their parents die, and (3) frantic questions about math, I find myself doodling. A lot. And in my continuing quest to irritate Alfred Moore, I've decided to upload some of these very doodles.


When you try to draw caricatures of Supreme Court Justices, you're forced to find ways to differentiate bald(ing) old white guys. Clearly it's a skill I'm still working on.


These are a bunch of heads and a Mexican ad for bowling. And a robot.


After watching my cartooning technique slowly evolve over the past two years I'm toying with the idea of applying some punctuated equilibrium. My main goals are (1) lose the Garfield eyes and (2) make Ellen hot.


Meli: Do you want my ass to be half as wide as my shoulders?
Me: Yes.
Actually, I ran out of room at the bottom of the page. Otherwise Ellen would obviously have the long, luxurious legs she deserves. As it stands she looks like a fucking olympic gymnast.


I'm not sure what's going on with Kam's pose here. I also didn't set out to make him look like an elf.


This drawing of Ted is kind of like those giant Go-Bot figures they used to sell. No less shitty than the standard version, just larger and more detailed.


Great post!
It is great to peak behind the curtain and see the gears turning.
When will the Flying Squirel Man make an apperance in IFTL?

is ellen in the nfl?

the nfellen. heh.

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