Cat Sitting and Thanksgiving


M and I will spend Thanksgiving in Alameda, then drive down to SoCal on Friday, watch USC play American foot-ball against the hated Catholics of Notre Dame, and drive back up Sunday. Soooo...

(1) If anyone else has no Thanksgiving plans and would like to come over to Alameda and help us cook and eat, that would be splendid. Otherwise it'll just be the two of us, and I don't think anyone wants that.

(2) If anyone will be in the Bay Yarea for Thanksgiving weekend and would like to come to Alameda once a day on Friday, Saturday and Sunday to feed and possibly play with the two adorable creatures pictured above, please let me know. You will be paid for your troubles in actual U.S. currency rather than in illusory promises of drinks and balls-viewings.


By the way... this pix was taken before we got our new bed and our badass navy blue bedspread, so don't be giving Matt shit about his girly bed.

I can't even fathom the terrible state our country would be in if every married man in America with a pink bedspread were to be given shit about it.

Man, the dating women and the subsequent marriage had me fooled, but now that I see the bedspread, it becomes clear. Matt is gay. There, I said it.

Cat's eh? Money, eh? I can think of one hot lady who loves both. But I think Dave just likes one, and it doesn't lick its own asshole.

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