Pepe's Second Halloween



Meli and I just made this makeshift Halloween card following a protracted process of trying to get Pepe into a respectable pose with the miniature pumpkin. I now leave it open to my loyal readers to (a) supply a funnier caption than "Happy Halloween" and (b) supply a funnier background than the Photoshop gray gradient. Graydient. Nyuk.

Strips are on the way, I promise.


If I were better at photoshop (ie- if I had any photoshop skills at all), I'd capitalize on Pepe's stink eye. I'd turn my fraidy-cat fuzzbutt into an evil wizard beast.

this should be inspiring.

I'm through being critical of your subject matter. Just get help, get it now. Get it from a psychological professional to whom you are not wedded. Inspired I am not.

Holy shit that is the funnest thing I've ever seen involving donuts and man-cat chimeras!

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