Another bundled strip posting. I figure the less of my jabberjaw the better. I'm also lazy, as I repeatedly point out. Lazily.

First, there's this. Although the word "embezzlement" is pretty funny objectively, its underlying meaning is, as the strip suggests, no laughing matter. And in my continuing quest to be inappropriate I've decided to make light of the very, very real fact that the small law office I worked for during the year between college and law school has filed a very, very real lawsuit against my former supervisor claiming that she embezzled somewhere around $200,000 from the company. I had no involvement in the nefarious activity, which is exactly what I'll tell any law enforcement personnel or deposing attorneys that happen to come calling. I guess I won't be listing my supervisor as a reference on my moral character application after all.

On to lighter news. Power failures! And Holohan learns a new Photoshop function. Last week we enjoyed a good old Boalt Hall power failure, and by "we" I mean the people hanging out in the BTLJ office going about our business. When the lights went out and the computer had been working on blinked off my thoughts immediately turned to the large vat of potato salad in the refrigerator. And so I bounded toward the powerles appliance, grabbed the carton, and immediately began distributing paper plates and plastic spoons. Unfortunately the power came back while I was halfway through my first helping, so my anticipated potato salad party was cut short. But still, potato salad.

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