Awful Indeed


I just registered an account over at Somethwing Awful, hoping to participate in the weekly Photoshop Phriday competitions. I'm beginning to think this was a mistake. First off, seeing the things people post to the forums that don't make the weekly cut isn't a very rewarding experience, and sticking with the filtered version is probably the best bet. Also, I'm lame at Photoshop.

To wit (or is it whit?), here's my entry for the "Video game mix-ups" category.


I used to be a member of SomethingAwful's forums way back before they charged money for it, but I think my account disappeared due to inactivity a few years back.

It's a neat site, with a ton of content. They sort of justify the costs of membership with things like their private filesharing servers and special forums. Their general forum is pretty high-brow by internet standards so I think most enjoyment from membership is found there, rather than in the photoshop competitions.

Still, I just can't mentally justify spending money on visiting a web forum.

Neat, I mistyped my name so now I'm some sort of Ape.

He's laughing, and the dog would laugh! That's great!

Now do one where he holds the duck.

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