Just a Little Prick


There's a new strip in town. I promise this will be the last one with the word "prick" in the title for at least two weeks.

When I drew last week's strip I decided that every strip in October would have something to do with Halloween, and hence this week's well-endowed nurse. If sexy nurses aren't an important part of Halloween, I don't know what is.

I went and got poked full of viral egg whites today in the hopes of staving off another Christmas Day visit to the emergency room. When I first saw the headlines about the vaccine shortage I thought it was just the same shortage that happens every year, until I heard the troubles about the contaminated plant in Liverpool. Chiron, in addition to fucking up half the U.S. supply of flu vaccines, has been involved in enough Federal Circuit patent litigation to make them a household name among patent geeks from San Jose to San Francisco. Somehow I think the litigation arising out of the flu vaccines will have very little to do with Chiron's patent portfolio.

Anyway, the 'Tang Center is apparently being super stingy with its flu shots this year, and I had to sign a declaration stating that I was a person of precarious healthfulness before they agreed to stick me. The clinic was wall to wall old folks with a few shameless twenty-something asthmatics. The nurse (who bore no resemblance whatsoever to this week's guest star) told me that I was the first patient actually affiliated with UC Berkeley that she had seen.

And so, my annual bacterial infection won't have any pesky flu viruses standing in its way when it invades my throat come December. Keep your eye out for a reprise of The Troat Anthology if Molly fails to keep me away from the computer in my steroid-induced delerium.

Yes, I realize hardly anybody knows what The Throat Anthology is. And that's the way it should be.


I think the Tang Center is by far my least favorite building at Cal. Although it's newer and nicer than, say, Evans or Wurster, I've never been held in either of those two buildings against my will for hours and for no other reason than some staffer's incompetence and/or hatred for college students. Every time I go there it's some amazingly complicated somehow-even-worse-than-last-time bureaucratic nightmare. Anyway, I'm not sad that the UK isn't giving us stuff they think is sub-par just because it meets our government's standards. Actual concern for public health and safety over business interests and profits?! Those Brits are crazy!

that is a big needle. (in the costume)

she's just happy to see you.

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