We Must All Have Scary Cakes Forthwith

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I'm opening the Halloween season with a big "Fuck You" to all my Celtic brothers and sisters. Your holiday is stupid, and white people made it better. Deal with it.

Before I forget, this week's strip is dedicated to Rebecca C. Brown. This morning I couldn't find my special drawin' pen, but brought my penciled strip to school anyway, planning to ink it over the course of the day with one of my inferior note-takin' pens. I ran into RCB in the donor lobby of Boalt, told her my troubles, and she reached into her bag of tricks produced a pen identical to my drawin' pen, which she then gifted to me. Unfortunately it was out of ink, and I still had to use a lousy pen, but A for effort, Rebecca!

I spent several days this week fretting over how unfunny my original conception for this strip was, and so I finally decided to add the Real Ghostbusters reference and a shout-out to two previous strips. This is all meant to distract you from the fact that all the humor is in the bottom right corner of the second frame.

More importantly, I can't seem to find any Hostess Scary Cakes. So far all I can find are Donettes with "Happy Halloween" printed on them. The little donuts don't appear to have any substantive holiday alterations, but I'm afraid to buy them lest I discover that the chocolate frosting conceals orange cake, which we all know would be a filthy abomination. But fortunately Molly has made several loaves of pumpkin bread that could bring peace to Eastern Europe, it's that fucking good. Could use maybe some orange frosting and sprinkles, though.

1 Comment

heh. I like this strip. All the mentioning of Scary Cakes you've been doing lately may have helped, though. Congrats on your recent findings.

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