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Great big, enormous, whiplash-inducing nod.

I mean, it's certainly news to me.

I feel glum.

I mean wasn't totally sure before, but if CNN is saying it...

the good news, according to one of the psychiatrists interviewed for the article, is that "most kerry supporters will get over their loss sooner than they think."

The bad news, according to one of the psychiatrists interviewed for the article, is that "most Kerry supporters are just as likely as everybody else to be really screwed in the immediate future."

the predictable news, according to one of the psychiatrists interviewed for the article, is that in a few days 99% of these outraged democrats will return to watching the west wing for their political fix and not caring about anything, really.

I've decided to write a polite form letter explaining that I really would like my taxes raised, and mail it to my representative, senators, governor, and perhaps the office of the President as well. Governor Schwarzenegger's copy will have a personal note attached requesting him to please stop calling Democrats losers and girlie men.

It's a start.

I revel in my girlie man status, thank you.

I, on the other hand, value my macho image and am quite insulted by the governor's remarks.


if you do not want your money, feel free to send it to me:

Richard Billeci
Maximiliansplatz 9
80333 Munich, Germany


Then you'll provide me with libraries and hospitals and schools, right?

I actually have retreated into watching at least 2 hours of "West Wing" a day... it's nice to fantasize about a presidential administration that cares and strives for the best interest of the country and its individual citizens; that cares and has values that go beyond scripture and supply-side economics. I hereby formally nominate Martin Sheen as the Prime Minister of the United Blue States of America (Clinton, of course, will be our first "king").

I totally pretend that the West Wing people are running the country.
It's too painful to live in our current political reality, and since I so rarely live in reality anyway, I don't see why this would be any different.

Come visit the UBSA. And see the message we have for bush and the red states. heh.

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