Help Me Choose a Title for My FCC Paper


All right, so I'm writing a paper on the FCC Indecency Crackdown of 2004, and I'll be damned if I can decide on a title. Here's a "short list." Votes and alternate suggestions welcome.

(1) The FCC Indecency Crackdown: What the Fuck?

(2) A Really, Really, Fucking Brilliant Paper About the FCC by a Really, Really, Fucking Brilliant Law Student

(3) I Hate Children, and Here's Why

(4) Laying the Smack Down on the Crackdown

(5) I Saw a Tit at the Super Bowl!, and Other Observations

(6) John Paul Stevens, You Stupid, Stupid Bastard*

(7) Lesbian Dryhumping on Will & Grace and Its Effects on Constitutional Law

(8) 32 Pages of Me Making Michael Powell My Bitch

(9) You Know What? The Two Democrats on the FCC Are Even More Puritanical than Michael Powell

(10) Harold W. Furchtgott-Roth's Vision for America: Boobies for Everyone!

* With apologies to Sean Keane.


Go with #2 and keep the typo.

I also believe #2 should be the winner. My second choice would be #1.

I really like number 1, but how about this:
Censors and Sensibilities: The New FCC

They are all excellent; I suggest writing ten different versions of the same paper so as to utilize each and every one. And then maybe an eleventh for Censors and Sensibilities: The New FCC because who doesn't love a good play on words?

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