This is another clumpy strip post. This week there are three. Three strips you shouldn't bother reading. You shouldn't read about my adorable pest problem, you should ignore the archaic language announcing Boalt's daring leap into the 19th Century, and you shoud steer clear of the senseless violence inherent in the Class of 2005 Campaign. And if you read Kristina's blog, you already know why.

Quite simply, once you've experienced the Perry Bible Fellowship, there will be no point in reading any other comic strips, ever again. Nicholas Gurewitch, evil genius that he is, has ruined it for everyone. Like intrusive federal law, Gurewitch occupies the entire available space of comic strip greatness. He exercises plenary jurisdiction over all forms of off-beat mirth. He glides effortlessly between bizarre strips about aliens, bizarre strips about pirates, and bizarre strips about people with no noses that are somehow still drawn with crushing realism. He is everything Andy Singer ever aspired to be.

I should just hold my tongue and let you experience it for yourself. I'd offer my favorite strip, but it's hard to pick one. At first it was "Freaking Vortex," but I've spent a few days now giggling over "QPI Interview." Other gems are "Angry Hammer," "Wise Shitashi," and "Captain Redbeard." But you may as well just start from the top and work your way down, finding your own PBF experience along the way.

I, meanwhile, will continue to draw my stupid drawings for no reason at all.


Other good webcomics (yes, PBF is rad):

A Softer World

Demian 5

Demian 5 is awesome. Mostly you have to pay to view full story arcs, but read the free one, "When I Am King".

And of course there's Penny Arcade, and that new fighting technique guy. Oh, and the site with the xeroxed Penny Arcades rewritten by Japanese students of English.

Also, how many more jokes in PBF about hot women causing erections do you think you can enjoy? imagine the answer is more than 10, less than 100. What then?


Uhh, there's a guy riding a horse down Northgate in the direction of my apartment as I type this.


Gotta go, bye.

Would our cats count as a pest problem when they are chasing something imaginary across the bed at 2:45 in the morning? Because I wanted them exterminated right about then.

But #3 was my favorite. It's so true... if you could just beat people, it would solve most of my problems.

That bible school stuff was pretty funny, but I still prefer the eau de Holohan. I had an idea for a movie/television miniseries (in the same vein as the classic "V") entitled "Dinosaurs in Space!!"(exclamation points intended). Who's in?

my favorite was "the happy brothers"

Yup, sorry to say, but PBF is better than your stuff. Still, your strips are pretty funny, too, so despair not. I especially liked the olde-tymey one. The sexiness quotient in costumes was also pretty funny.

And yes, PBF does have too much erection humor. I guess that's to be expected in a male of NG's cohort. Give him ten or twenty years, and he may get his mind out of his pants.


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