We Won't Be Leaving the House for a While, or Why Julie Rocks


Meli and I increased our DVD collection by about 50% last night, thanks in part to a 15% discount courtesy of Julie. As we took our booty to the register I commented that our purchases reflected three discrete genres of movie geekdom, though I was only partially correct. As well all know, the portions of Star Wars that weren't ripped off from [Joseph Campbell's interpretations of] classic mythology were ripped off from Kurosawa's The Hidden Fortress, something that enabled me to drive Meli crazy last night by humming the end scene music from A New Hope during the conclusion of The Hidden Fortress.

I'm excited about the Star Wars trilogy, even though from what I hear they've been monkeyed around with yet again for the DVD release by George Lucas. Still, I'm looking forward to seeing [SPOILER AHEAD]

Hayden Christensen Photoshopped into the final scene of Return of the Jedi. He's just so dreamy.


I'm looking forward to the "band commentary" on This is Spinal Tap. Hopefully it will be an improvement on Mel Brooks' pathetic Spaceballs commentary.

George Lucas never ripped off Campbell. They were good friends, and the Power of Myth was filmed at the ranch of Lucas. Besides, Campbell wrote and lectured on elements of mythology that are common across all cultures. Including the journey of the hero. You could just as easily state that Kurosawa ripped off the thousands of writers that came before him.

It is a pretty well excepted fact that A New Hope is just the hidden fortess in space. With wookies.

But man, Kurosawa was a HACK! Have you SEEN Throne of Blood?? Can someone say "ripped off shakespeare?"

or 'ran' for that matter.

thanks for backing me up on that, john. i actually think it's pretty sad that the DVD booklet for "the hidden fortress" starts out with "best known as the main inspiration for STAR WARS!" not to mention the fact that the DVD has an interview with george lucas.

i was looking for the octophat post about kurosawa. do you remember when that was?

I'm not 100% sure if I've posted 'bout AK more than once, but my most recent passing mention of "Yojimbo" is here: http://octophat.blogspot.com/2004_07_01_octophat_archive.html#109082338275360114

Completely misunderstood my points:

1. Lucas and Campbell had a close association. Lucas did not simply read Campbell in college and decide to rip him off.

2. There is a difference between a writer plagiarizing another�s work, being inspired by another�s work, basing characters or story from another�s work, pure coincidence, etc...

To simply state that Lucas �ripped off� Campbell is wrong.

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