Airline Face


Steve misses a really hard daily double, gets out-buzzed on a single question that involves early U.S. history AND Thomas Jefferson AND elections, earns a nickname that will stay with him until he dies, and wins the game by a damn dollar after some shrewd Final Jeopardy wagering.

For the record, I would have guessed Casey at the Bat in Final Jeopardy. Way to go, Steve!

Will Steve's winning streak continue, or will he be sent home with a lifetime supply of Rice-a-Roni and an all new Jeopardy! Home Game? Tune in tomorrow to find out! Motherfuckers!


For the record, I think the game was rigged. My logic is that Steve would never have wasted an opportunity to expose himself as an Andrew Jackson fanatic in his 30 seconds of personality exposure and gone with "airplane face" if he thought it would be his one and only chance. Tomorrow night? AJ!

Great picture Holohan. Had things gone on a little longer I may well have wound up discussing my desire to procure an Andrew Jackson Pez Dispenser. However, a close watching of the Thursday episode does indeed reveal an Andrew Jackson homage.

What was the reference? Did you have a $20 bill sticking out of your pocket? Or was it the pencil?

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