Death by Plurality


Steve gets totally robbed by the judges on two questions, reveals his refusal to take notes on national television, comes back from -$1,800 to within $100 of the leader going into Final Jeopardy, misunderestimates his knowledge of best-selling novels and is out-betted by the hot Bryn Mawr alumna. At least the nervous Scotsman never had a chance.

What's next for our trivia hero? How about finding a job?


steve, i didn't actually watch you on jeopardy, nor do i even know who you are, but i did dream i watched you and that surely counts for something. something weird.

Bravo Steve!
Well Played.

I haev two questions, what exactly is it that Alex babbles on about while the three of use are forced to stand w/ him while the credits roll? And did you get her phone number?

1. My bet had very little to do with my knowledge of best-selling novels (which happens to be rather poor).

2. I have absolutely no recollection of what I was babbling about with Alex at the end of either show, although I suspect we may have been talking about True Hollywood Story vs. Stories on that second day.

3. No, I didn't get her phone number.

You know, I think there's a colorable argument that the HBMA (Hot Bryn Mawr Alumna) got the True Hollywood Story question wrong. The actual title of the show is "The E! True Hollywood Story," and she just said "The True Hollywood Story." If they took it away from you for saying "stories" they should have taken it away from her for leaving out "E!". I think the remedy for this would be to bring you and the nervous Scotsman back for another chance. Write a letter, man!

Actually, the "answer" included E! and asked for the words that follow it. Her answer was unquestionably right. The issue is whether she should have been given the oppurtunity to answer which is open to debate.

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