Damaged by a Disk Error


Two new strips! One's about sunshine and popcorn, the other is about sorrow and misery. The funked-upedness of the second strip was pure accident, though cosmically appropriate. Having colored the strip, including all the little nooks and crannies in Ellen's newly detailed hair, I entered the command to shrink it to 25%, whereupon my laptop bluescreened and came back a few minutes later with what you see before you. Proving, lest any doubt remained, that while I can keep spyware at bay with open-source cleaning software, at the end of the day I still have a fucking Sony Vaio.

Spyware has actually been an ambivalent experience for me. On the one hand, it forced me to switch from IE to Firefox, which is infinitely better. On the other hand, my copy of Notepad somehow became corrupted, forcing me to switch to VI, which is almost unusable. I still don't know the proper way to tell it that I want to type something. When I open a file and position my cursor, it refuses to put any letters down until I randomly dance all over the keyboard. In addition, in HTML documents it insists on tagging everything with pretty colors and unwanted indents, which is profoundly distracting to a Plain-Jane editor like me. So until I get a new laptop or break down and run system recovery (again), I'll have one more reason to shirk on updating comic strips.

Finally, speaking of spyware, my law journal is hosting a symposium on the subject in a few months along with BCLT. As Senior Executive Editor this event technically falls under my Umbrella of Responsibilities, by this year's Symposium Editors have been so rad that I haven't had to do all that much. Which is good in its own way.


Jesus, vi? That's usually compared unfavorbaly to Emacs! You indeed must be quite nerdy.

The universe is just supporting my own contention that we need to get you a new laptop!

I have a VAIO laptop too. The monitor has gotten brighter and brighter, and since the last virus I got 2 years ago, I haven't found a way to make adjust the brightness. Also, depending on what angle the screen is at, it will blackout, and I have to scootch it up or down by millihairs of degrees and hold it there for a few seconds to get it to light up again.

Notepad may be done for, but what about its older brother, Wordpad?

VI, eh? The big time... Here's a hint.

i - let's you type in stuff

esc - get's you out of typing stuff

h j k l - move cursor left, down, up, right, respectively

cntrl + f - move forward one page

cntrl + b - move back one page

vim - a better, extended version of 'the beast', vi

This nerdy message has been brought to you by the letter 'i' and the roman numeral 'v'

this really helps, today i encounter the problems and i donot know how to figure out,
i research yahoo and discovered your blog,
thanks again

just one thing, can i post this article on my site? i will add the source.


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