On Sunday night I discovered an odd discoloration beneath the nail of my left pinky. On Monday morning I noticed a similar discoloration on the right pinky. They look like the kind of thing that would show up if I banged my fingers in something, but I don't remember doing that. Also, it seems unlikely that I would bruise both fingers in exactly the same place, but nowhere else on either hand. Though I was, of course, playing a lot of drunken pool this weekend. My best guess is that I somehow got myself a case of mild frostbite from handling the snow cock (as opposed to building the snow cock, since I wore gloves during construction). The discolorations appear to be subsiding, but if I end up losing my pinkies I'm suing the hell out of BTLJ.




That snow cock has bite.

I believe you got finger herpes, from a snow cock no less.

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