3L Blues - Part Four



Things are taking a turn for the surreal and self-indulgent in the realm of 3L malaise. The more a look at this strip the less sense it makes and the more funny it seems. Because I like things that make no sense. Which is why I'm becoming a lawyer.

Quite a bit of research went into this week's offering. First I had to scour the Internet to make sure I knew what the psychic knife actually looks like. In the process I found that searching for pictures of Psylocke online in a campus computer lab is extraordinarily embarrassing, Psylocke being one of the most masturbatory characters in the Marvel universe. The fan art is, shall we say, exceptionally disturbing. But that's what happens when you have a character who's a fashion model, a ninja, hates wearing clothes, almost always spreads her legs when she kicks fools, and is vaguely Asian.

I also brought in an outside dialogue coach to make sure the Ghost's verbal response to his undoing was accurate. Special thanks to Zack in that regard. Zack also explained to me what the psychic knife actually does ("sort of like getting kicked in the nuts," he says), and while it isn't fatal when applied to the living I figured it could destroy a Ghost. Because that makes no sense.

Finally, I've realized that I've drawn a lot of strips where the humor is based on a random act of violence in the second frame. The weapon of choice varies from one strip to the next: large fist, two small fists, rope, baseball bat, single, medium-sized fist, golf club, water cooler bottle, and human body have all been used with varying degrees of effectiveness. In addition, I'm pretty sure they were all subconsciously inspired by this Penny Arcade strip, so not only am I repetitive, I'm also a hack.


Psylocke was definitely a hero of mine (high school years). I wanted to dress up for Halloween, but I didn't think my mother would approve. Looking back on it, and looking at the picture you posted, I'm pretty sure I was right.

What's with the purple triangle? I don't remember a purple triangle. And really, her outfit is more of a dark shiny blue.

As I discovered during my extensive Psylocke research, her appearance has gone through many transitions. I have no idea when she picked up that thing over her eye, but it shows up consistently in the more recent renditions.

My favorite Psylocke outfit is the one where her thigh-high boots are hooked to her bodysuit by what appear to be garter straps. For what should be obvious reasons.

She got the purple triangle after one of the times she was brought back from being dead. Maybe it's a zombie triangle?

well, I'm doing a bit of Googling myself, and most official art shows Psylocke to be more frequenly blue than purple.

I also quite like this.

The triangle on Psylocke's face, (which she no longer has in current Marvel comics) was due to a near death encounter in which she was basically gutted by Sabertooth. Wolverine and her then boyfriend Archangel, used the mystical power of the crimson Dawn, whitch left it's mark on her body.
Later Psylocke is actually killed by a very bad man named Vargas, while protecting Rouge. About a year later she comes back from the dead when she brother Jamie Braddock, (whose mutant power is basically altering reality however he wants) only now instead of being psycic she is telekinetic ( can move objects with her mind) is invulnerable.

is that Salma Hayek?

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