Just the Two of Us


Continuing the moral decline from last week's spat of needless sex and violence, I bring you steamy wet naked dudes. Gene, prepare for the comment filter to 'splode.

I've gotten to the point where I enjoy showering at the gym. I'm not uncomfortable with the nakedness of myself or the sagging gray-haired men who populate the locker room at the RSF. What I object to is the fact that urinal etiquette -- the innate knowledge shared by every man, that you must always select the urinal farthest away from any other urinal currently in use -- doesn't seem to have transferred to gym shower rooms. Numerous times I've been the victim of someone inappropriately choosing a nearby shower when other, fully functional, and much farther away showers are readily available. And what's the result? Standing near another naked man, to be sure, but more importantly, splashing. Yes, millions of little water droplets, being deflected off another man, picking up some of his man filth along the way, and landing on my body, which I'm diligently trying to clean as quickly as possible. It's a bad scene, my friends.

So, if any of the geriatric early morning RSF patrons who insist on inflicting their used shower water upon me happen to read this, stop it, or I'll start breaking hips.


Does Kam shave his chest? I'm alarmed.

Maybe Kam's chest hair smelled like his father's bad breath, so he had to shave it off.

What! No. Kam's last name is Kasarov and his middle name is Ilyich. His people come from the former Soviet Union, so he's got some Asian in him. That's why he doesn't have any body hair.

Either that or he shaves himself to minimize the amount of forensic evidence he leaves behind, like that guy in thta one Law & Order episode.

Thank goodness for your explanatory blog. I thought the dots between Kam and the old dude were fleas. Now I see that it's used shower water. Much better.

sigh... i'll never be a newspaper cartoonist.

it does sort of look like they're showering in dirt, but i think that really just drives your point home.

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