Earl Warren Earl Burger


Did you know that...

Chief Justice Earl Warren (a Boalt alum - yeah!) was succeeded by Chief Justice Burger, whose full name was Warren Earl Burger?

Now you know.

Also, Justice Louis Brandeis, a gifted jurist and wise proponent of restraint in a time of unbridled conservative judicial activism, was also a decidedly funny-looking motherfucker:

Finally, SUPREME COURT QUIZ! As Chief Justice, I wrote a disastrous Supreme Court opinion that was instrumental in bringing about the U.S. Civil War. I was appointed by President Andrew Jackson, a known child molester. Who am I?



in the eventuality that i was given his name in balderdash in the form of an acronym, what i would say is: Ribald Butt Thrust.

Correction on post:

Andrew Jackson was not a known child molester. He was a champion of the populist ideals that made America what it is today. He's also not the most prolific American serial killer of all time, contrary to what some may tell you.

The Chief Justice pictures probably had some other things going for him besides causing the Civil War, but those are unlikely to become apparent at this time.

Is that a deformed uterus on his head?

Oh sweet release! I'm NOT the only person alive who assumes that Dwayne Wayne is a relevent cultural icon, with whom flip-up shades should be irrefutably associated until the end of time.

Also, we should start referring to Andrew Jackson as Andre Jackson in order to bolster his hip image.

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