I'm Done Being in Law School


I still have to do the black cape and funny hat thing, I have some Lexis points I need to spend, and I left a tupperware full of tomato soup in the BTLJ office, but apart from that, yeah. I'm done with law school.

Nothing else to this post. I just wanted to put something else as the headliner since my last two posts were so unnecessarily negative.


Congrats. And enjoy the Calypso band, mon.

...and won! nice job.

Lawbots, graduate! ...And roll out!

more pink drinks for everyone!


Unnecessarily negative is right. I was really feeling sorry for those poor hardworking mariachi bands.

Congratulations! I'm sooooooooo jealous :)

i think i will miss lexis and westlaw points the most...congrats, matt! hope the steel drums were a smash =)

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