I Guess She's into Malacas


This morning I was chatting with one of my female friends (or "girl-friends," as I like to call them), and she made a point of telling me how beautiful she thought Meli was when she met her on graduation day. I'm certainly not one to disagree with her assessment, but a fair number of my female friends have had this reaction after meeting Meli. Shortly after the initial meeting they approach me and express, usually with a palpable degree of surprise, how good-looking my wife is.

So apparently I exude some quality that leads people to assume that I have a horse-faced, bow-legged wife, and people have a tough time digesting Meli's attractiveness when this assumption is shattered. Clearly I must have done something right.


That's one way to look at it. I suppose this is another example of the Holohan patented method of looking on the bright side of things.

HAHAHAHA... this happens to my husband all the time, and he gets so offended... his reaction is always, "what's so wrong with me that everyone assumes the best I could manage is a mediocre-looking wife?" :)

I tell him that it's a good thing, since now they are left wondering in what *other* areas they have underestimated him...

I guess from now on my response would be. "Thanks. Believe it or not, I have a great sense of humor and huge cock."

I agree. Isn't that what she married you for in the first place?

Damn straight.

I'm bowl-legged :(

I didn't mean to imply that bow-leggedness is unattractive. It's only unattractive when coupled with a horse-face. Synergy, you see.

Is the title of your post from Weird Science, cuz i have no clue what malacas is... and google brought me here. ahahaha

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