Arr, the Barrr


I had genuine optimism about spending the summer wrapping up the I Fought the Law comic strip in a satisfying way and setting the stage for its next incarnation, but the likelihood of me posting anything on the Inter-web that isn't somehow related to the bar exam for the next two months is becoming increasingly slim. I have a stupid little cartoon that I drew on some hotel stationery (-ary?) that may find its way into the digital universe if I ever gather the energy to hook up my scanner again. But as usual I make no promises.

This is not to say that I'll be blogging regularly about my bar adventures, either. For that kind of dedication I direct you here, a blog which I may have discovered earlier if Cement Horizon still told me who links to me (not that I'm complaining, I just miss it is all). I met the alliteratively initialed woman behind the blog this morning during break. She appears to have brother and sister dogs. I have brother and sister cats. It's like we're vaguely similar in some ways.

I also had golf lesson number two today. I was extremely agitated for the hour or so leading up to the lesson since I was stressed about all the crap I had to do today that didn't involve golf, but I came away from the lesson feeling surprisingly relaxed and refreshed. All this despite the back pain and the excessive man-handling by my Miyagi-esque instructor. No farts today, though, which was good. I suspect that golf will cease to be at all relaxing the minute I step off the driving range (where there is no failure) and onto the course (where there is aught but failure).

The BarBri Property lecturer has a daughter named Remington. Who does that?


If she were a noblewoman, or a personal care product made by a wholy-owned subsidiary of Rayovac, she could be the Lady Remington.

We also have twin sister cats.

Maybe the BarBri classes should adopt this strategy for keeping you relaxed and refreshed while you study onsite.

Remington sounds like a butler's name. She's fated for butlership.

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