Chocolate Frosted Frustration


Consider this an offer for the formation of a unilateral contract.

A free donut to the person who finds me a single goddamn place on the island of Alameda where it's possible to buy a donut after 6:00 p.m. Note that I said a donut, not a factory-sealed box with a bunch of donuts in it.

Stupid boring city.


I cannot answer your Kohn, master. For what is the sound of one hand clasping a donut?

a lot of Safeways sell individual donuts... but by 6:00 they are probably a bit dried out... good luck in your chocolate frosted quest

I tried both Safeway and Albertsons last night, and neither had any donuts at all, dried out or otherwise. But good idear.

Eureka! An attorney in our office that lives in Alameda made a suggestion and we just looked it up and called to check their hours. Donut Works at South Shore Center is open until 7:30pm. As for my reward, I'm going to have to split it with Jonathan... unless you're feeling generous enough to give each of us one. Enjoy!

Oh, God damn it. I stopped by Donut Works at 7:40 p.m. last night. That doesn't help me at all. But I guess I'll have to keep to the terms of the contract. Delivery f/o/b Alameda at offeree's convenience.

Still frustrated. But thanks!

maybe you could keep a spare in the freezer in case of emergancy. It wouldn't be quite the same experience, but it might hold you over until you could get a proper fix.

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